Photo Essay

 These photos were taken to acknowledge and represent just a snapshot of the personalities of the many people from countless backgrounds and ethnicities that are around us everyday.

All throughout our lives until this point, we have all gone about each day passing by and interacting with so many people, no matter how briefly. It's definitely not possible to commit each and every one of them to memory, and it's especially easy to forget just how unique each individual is. The girl you pass by every day on your way to your first period class may be so much more interesting than you think. It's impossible to get to know everybody, and because of the busy way of life that has come to become the norm, people tend to make initial judgments about others based solely on what they see on the outside. However, each individual has a unique life story and realm of experience, but it's often easy to forget this. Some people may feel that the way that others carry themselves can tel…

Golden Hour (15+)